Medieval Town

There is hardly any of the five senses that are not aroused by the feel of the Old Town of Rhodes, so powerful is the surge of imagination, so little the soul still left to desire… So mighty is the spell of this eternal setting of a never-ending drama, thousands of years old! The protagonists of this super-production have left their indelible marks on the folklore, imprints that go far beyond art in stone, on wood or marble, because they live on, eternally vivid in the air, all around! From the Hellenistic era to the times of the Knights, from the centuries of the Ottoman rule through to the time of the Italians and well through to the annexation of the Dodecanese by mother Greece, the Island and the Medieval City of Rhodes have risen to become landmarks and symbols in the ethnography of the most dominant peoples of the Mediterranean. Much more than a city, this is a three-dimensional canvas that has to this day reflected secular power and folklore, a thrilling tale of people who made history and inspired myths through everyday life, be it in wartime or cultured peace.

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