Admiralty (Orthodox Bishop's Residence)

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Dating from the 15th century AD, the Admiralty is located on Evreon Martyron (Jewish Martyrs) square. Location of the construction in time has been suggested on the basis of a reference by Rottiers, a famous traveller of his time, who did mention the presence of a blazon – still seen today – of the House of Grand Master Pierre d’Aubusson (1476-1503) at the terrace of the inner courtyard of this knightly palace.
Although the premises are still been referred to as the “Admiralty of the Knights”, a series of recent findings seem to overturn such original assumption, suggesting instead that the building had been the residence of the Greek Orthodox Bishop. Although spaced in time and nature, restoration works about this building, launched already at the time of the Italian rule, continue to this day whereas certain areas within the construction are used as storage rooms for parts of the island’s History Archive.

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