Church of Agios Artemios (St. Artemius)

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Restoration works about this church, originally launched in the ‘90s, have come to reveal the origins of the construction which had, as of the times of the Ottoman rule, been known as the Şakıdı Mescit mosque. A more detailed archaeological search into the site, considering the vaulted free cross-form architecture of the construction as well as the frescoes found to have for several centuries been hidden underneath layers of coating came to confirm the Christian origins of this building, dating from the times of the Knights (1309-1522).
This church may be admired on Ergeiou street, its name being due to a rather arbitrary choice of the 4th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities for mere reasons of identification, since the original saint to which this church was dedicated at inauguration and whilst a place of Christian cult, is yet to be determined. There have been more such cases of churches of unidentified patrons throughout the Medieval City of Rhodes, due to the insufficiency of information at the level of folk lore and/or historical research.

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Church of Agios Artemios (St. Artemius)
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