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This is the third and southernmost harbour of the City of Rhodes. Since ancient times, the role of this harbour had been complementary, used as it was whenever the military and the trade harbour were congested. In present times, the Acandia Harbour continues to be complementary, especially since 2009 it has been radically revamped to allow for the docking of liners arriving from Piraeus, Crete and even Thessaloniki, thus easing off some of the traffic pressure on the Commercial Harbour during the tourist season.
All three of the natural coves along the north-easternmost extremity of the City of Rhodes were eventually developed to become harbours. There existed as many as seven harbours around the island, used according to the weather conditions. Once sizeable, the Rhodian harbours have over time come to shrink as the coastline has been brought forward as a result of consecutive structural works on the respective sites.

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