Church of Archangelos Michail (Archangel Michael)

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This is a single-nave chapel located on Antisthenous street, not far from the church of Agios Fanourios (St. Fanourios). Like in the case of the church of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas), on Andronikou street, this church features two entrances, namely one on the western and one on the northern flank. Traces of what used to be colourful frescoes having once decorated the chapel’s interior – since destroyed – may still be seen all around.
During the Ottoman rule, this chapel was converted into a mosque, designated as “Alemnaki Mescit”, named after a standard bearer that had, according to tradition, been in the service of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (1494-1566).
Just as the case has been with several other public buildings in the wake of the collapse of the Ottoman rule and well into the years of the Italian governance, more than one poor families sought refuge into this church, turning it into a shelter.
Excavations and restoration works brought to completion shortly before the year 2000 eventually caused the church and the premises around it to be refurbished to their actual state which admittedly contributes to a general reinstatement of both the monument and the whole district.

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Church of Archangelos Michail (Archangel Michael)
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