Fabrizio del Carretto Bastion

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Located in the eastern part of the Medieval City, this bastion exemplifies what has been a quite advanced fortification concept, similarly to the bastions of Auvergne and St. George. As a matter of fact, the likes of this particular type of outworks may be found on the island of Kos, at the Forts of Antimacheia and Nerantzia, also dating from the times of that illustrious Grand Master of Italian origins.
The development of this particular project was with all probability entrusted to Engineer Basilio dalla Scuola. Launched in 1515, with the memory of the recent Ottoman scare (1480) still very vivid, this construction was considerably enhance the firepower and shooting range of the artillery. There have been some extensive restoration works under way in and about this site for some time now which, once completed, are expected to reinstate the bastion, turning it into a multi-purpose shows and exhibitions space and integrating it to the system of the adjacent Medieval Moat Open Air Theatre.

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