Church of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicolas)

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This church, the original structure of which dates from the 14th century although several of the extension and refurbishment works about it may just as well have been under way well into the late 15th century, is located on the junction of Andronikou and Omirou streets. The church is also known by the name of St. Bernard, although the designation by the name of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicolas) eventually prevailed, in the light of the thematology of the decorative frescoes in its interior.
During the Ottoman rule (1522-1912), the church functioned as a mosque under the name of “Çukur Cami”, meaning “Buried Mosque”, a reference to the difference of level between the floor of the church and the outside area. Just as the case had been whilst the premises hosted the functions of a Christian church, the mosque also bore an alternative name: Abdülcelil Cami, in remembrance of the mosque’s donor and former ottoman governor of the island of Rhodes, to whom a tomb found in the courtyard of the construction is believed to pertain.
Excavation and restoration works – brought to completion already in 2000 – located a series of tombs under the church’s floor, while reinstating some serious damages waged to the construction by air raids during World War II.

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