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This is the northernmost of all three harbours of the City of Rhodes. Clad between the Mole of the Windmills and the Fort of St. Nicholas, this harbour had already existed in ancient times, more often than not designated as “the minor harbour” or “military harbour”, reminiscent of the use made of it by the navy in times of warfare. On either side of the entrance to the port, there stand two pillars with a male (Elafos) and a female deer (Elafina) on top, symbols of modern Rhodes. Lore has it that the two pillars stand on the spots on which the legendary stature of the Colossus, reputedly set astride, used to be. Access to the Mandraki harbour used to be closely monitored, the entry thereto actually barred with a chain (hence the origins, according to some, of its name, “mandra” meaning “fenced space”). In present day, Mandraki harbours light boats used for day outings, whereas part of it has been developed into a marina for private vessels.
All three of the natural coves along the north-easternmost extremity of the City of Rhodes were eventually developed to become harbours. There existed as many as seven harbours around the island, used according to the weather conditions. Once sizeable, the Rhodian harbours have over time come to shrink as the coastline has been brought forward as a result of consecutive structural works on the respective sites.

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