Mansion of Diomede de Vilaragut

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Located on the junction of the Street of the Knights and Lachitos street, this mansion has had its history associated to that of the Knight Diomede de Vilaragut, chief of the Tongue of Aragon. The premises of the 15th century mansion are structurally connected to the Grand Hospital of the Knights, although the original use of the premises has not been possible to this day to determine. Under the Ottoman rule (1522-1912), this structural complex underwent several alterations, eventually ever harbouring private homes whereas during the Italian rule (1912-1943) restoration works were launched, for this noble mansion to be finally converted to a Museum of Ethnography. The damages wages by air raids in 1943 were finally restored with the care of the Greek Archaeological Service. At present, certain revamping works are still in progress, with the aim of ultimately opening this mansion to the visitors of the Medieval Town of Rhodes.

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Mansion of Diomede de Vilaragut
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