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This is the name whereby the knightly mansion, situated just off the Inn of the Tongue of France has come to be designated. Dating from the early 16th century, the very name of the complex suggests the existence, on the site, of an earlier building. Tradition has it that it was on the premises of this mansion that the Ottoman prince Cem benefited from the hospitality of Grand Master d’Aubusson, during the months of July and August 1482. Prince Cem, son of the Sultan, had arrived to Medieval Rhodes fleeing the ire of his brother Bayezid, in the wake of an abortive feud having opposed the two siblings over the succession to the throne of the Ottoman Empire.
Once restoration works on the premises have been completed, the building will be opened to visitors and will be accommodating the activities of the Historical and Modern Photography Records of the Greek Archaeological Service.

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Prince Cem Mansion
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