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This is a typical, cupola-crowned mosque, its originality – at least as regards other samples of the Muslim architecture having prevailed on the island of Rhodes – consisting that the cupola has been set with byzantine-style red tiles. The construction comprises a main hall, a porch and a minaret whereas the courtyard has in the past been wider than its actual proportions.
This mosque is situated on Alexandridou street, on the western flank of the Medieval City, having possibly been built on the foundations of an earlier Christian church of the Greek Orthodox or Roman Catholic rite, estimated to have been dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Saviour. Although no precise information is available as to the year of its construction – or as to its name, at that – the Mosque is believed to have been built sometime in the 19th century. Parts of the pebbly mosaic, in its interior, suggest that in older times, the entire floor must have been covered in this traditional mosaic. The building’s cupola raises 6.6 m. above ground whereas the Mosque’s minaret’s height is of 16.7 m

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Hamza Bey Mosque
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