Church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) on Ippoton str

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Single-nave chapel situated on the Street of the Knights, its construction estimated to have taken place sometime between 1360 and 1380. The prevalence of the Coat of Arms of the Tongue of England is but one of several features about it, suggesting that this church used to pertain the order of the English Knights. Also visible on the marble frontispiece at the church’s entrance are the blazons of two of the most prominent Grand Masters in the history of the Order of St. John, namely Hélion de Villeneuve and Dieudonné de Gozon, along with the coat of arms of the Order.
The name given to this church was inspired by the frescoes decorating its interior. There have been more than one attempts over time, to interpret the absence of the depiction of the Holy Spirit from such frescoes. Contrary to the timing of the construction of the chapel, these frescoes are estimated to have been created sometime between late 15th and early 16th century. The cupola is also estimated to be a later addition, assumedly during the Ottoman rule, at a time when the chapel was used as a mosque, under the name of Khan Zade Mescidi.

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