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Located right at Sofokleous square, this mosque continues to function to this day. The inscription featured above the complex’s main entrance bears witness to the date of its construction: 1540, which makes it one of the earliest Muslim monuments in the Medieval City of Rhodes. “This new and handsome mosque, on Hejaz street, was commissioned by Sultan Suleiman, son of Sultan Selim the Victor. May God protect him from all evil. May all those entering the site be safe. Hegira year 947”.
Two porches, succeeded by a 12 square meters hall constitute the area of worship. The building’s interior, austere and unpretentious in its decoration, contrasts the general trend for flamboyance of Muslim monuments, hence its approximation to the style adopted for Reçep Pasha Mosque (the latter being, nevertheless, off limits to visitors of the Medieval City). The minaret had over the centuries suffered serious decay, until the ‘30s, where restoration works about it were commissioned under the Italian rule.

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