Inn of the Tongue of Auvergne

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This Inn is situated across from Liberty Gate, in the northern part of the Medieval City. The Inn’s main entrance may be found right across from the church of Panagia tou Kastrou (Our Lady of the Fort), featuring the coats of arms of the Order and the blazon of the House of Guy de Blanchefort, along with the inscription according to which premises were commissioned in 1507 by the Auvergne prior in 1507: “D’Auvergne le grand prieur frère Guy de Blanchefort” (Grand Prior brother Guy de Blanchefort of Auvergne).
The northern flank of the construction is facing Symi square; at that time, this particular area is believed to have been an arsenal as well as hosting part of the shipyard facility (Darsana). Shortly before the fall of Rhodes in the hands of the Ottomans (1522), the Inn saw its exterior premises extended, seemingly benefiting from the demolition of the shipyard and the barring of the Gate of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas). At present, the premises of the Inn of the Tongue of Auvergne, fully reinstated during the Italian rule in 1919, are housing certain administration services as well as a storage facility of the Greek Archaeological Service.

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Inn of the Tongue of Auvergne
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