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Commissioned in 1519 by Grand Master Fabrizio del Carretto (1513-1521), this building is located in the lower part of the Street of the Knights. Although typologically, the structure and concept of the construction is reminiscent of many other inns of its kind, the absence of inscriptions and symbols might just as well suggest that these were premises destined to a more general public use.
According to historical references, this two-storey construction underwent restoration during the first years of the Italian rule and a replica of its original blazon affixed on its façade. The marble section having borne the coat of arms of the House of del Carretto is presently on show in Constantinople. Up to 1943, the premises housed the Museum of the Knights of Malta whereas today, they play host to the Hellenic State service in charge of maintenance and restoration works in the Medieval City of Rhodes as well as to the Bureau in charge of the monitoring of the implementation of the Project Covenant between the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Rhodes.

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Inn of the Tongue of Italy
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