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This is by definition a very rare building, its uniqueness consisting in that it is one of the very few constructions in the City of Rhodes conceived ad-hoc to house a library. From the onset, this library harboured as many as 822 manuscript books, with as many as 1200 more acquisitions recorded over the years and through to 1945. Located on the junction of Orfeos and Socratous streets, across from the Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent, the building dates from 1793, featuring a major bookcase hall and a reading hall. The various constructions arranged throughout the courtyard were used by Koran scholars.
The construction was commissioned by Hafiz Mehmet Agha who even put his personal vakıf (charitable fund) to the cause. Right above the entrance there is featured an inscription reading “The proprietor of this handsome and edifying project is the former rikaptar (aide-de-camp) of his Majesty the Sultan, Hafiz Mehmet Agha, of Rhodes, in year 1208 since Hegira” (Islamic date). Another inscription, on the fountain in the courtyard reads: “Much to the rejoicing of the soul of the late Hasan Agha, father of Hafiz Ahmet Agha, former aide-de-camp of his Majesty the Sultan, in Hegira year 1313”. (Christian calendar year: 1896).

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