Church of Panagia tou Bourgou (Our Lady of the Bourg)

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Located in the burgess district of the Medieval City – hence its name –, also known as the Upper Jewish Quarter, this construction has come to be emblematic of the activities of a foundation benefiting from extensive real property assets, including a hospital within Alhadef Park.
Built sometime during the rule of the Grand Master Villeneuve (1319-1346), the construction was later, during the Knights era, to be endowed with six chapels and some seven vaulted tombs, encrusted within the northern wall of the church. During the Italian rule (1912 – 1943), restoration works were launched, freeing the original site of Panagia tou Bourgou, through the expropriation and razing of various homes allowed therein in the previous century. The Gate of our Lady (Pyli tis Panagias) was opened in 1955. Restoration works on this picturesque site are still under way whilst musical events have been hosted on these premises.

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Church of Panagia tou Bourgou (Our Lady of the Bourg)
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