Vestiges of the church of Archangelos Michail

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A site of exceptional interest for archaeologists, the vestiges of this church are located on Athenas square, an opening eventually formed in the wake of the devastating air raids in World War II that literally stripped this zone of all constructions, including that church which had till then and since as early as the 4th century AD been consistently functioned as a place of worship.
Excavations carried out with the care of the Greek Archaeological Service have unearthed the remains of as many as three different churches, successively built on that particular site: the original church had been a 6th century AD, three-nave early Christian basilica, succeeded by a single-nave church the frescoes of which suggest it was built sometime in the 13th century. The main theme on all such frescoes having been Archangel Michael, the site came eventually to be designated by that name. Whatever frescoes were retrieved are now on show on the premises of the Palace of the Grand Master. The third, more recent place of worship dates back from the times of the Ottoman rule (1522-1912), eventually acknowledges as the Demirli Mosque.

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Vestiges of the church of Archangelos Michail
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