Church of Agios Markos (St. Marc)

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Situated on Ierokleous street, within short distance from St. George’s cloister, St. the church of Marc is part of the complex currently housing the activities of “Marc de Montalembert” Foundation, active in the promotion of intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean. Excavation works conducted in the ‘90s revealed a series of frescoes as well as what used to be a westward extension of the church. This church is nowadays open to the public wishing to take a closer look at this rare architectural specimen, where the cross-form nave of the church is crowned by a vaulted, concave arch rather than the usual cupola. During the Ottoman rule (1522 – 1912), the church functioned as a mosque, under the name of Satri Çelebi Mescit.

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Church of Agios Markos (St. Marc)
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