Gate of Apostolos Pavlos (Paul the Apostle)

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Located in the north-eastern corner of the Medieval City, this Gate used to connect the harbour of Mandraki to the De Naillac Pier. A semi-cylindrical tower in the inner part of wall bears a marble sculpture of the coat of arms of the House of Grand Master d’Aubusson (1476-1503) right next to those of the Order and Pope Sixtus IV. Right below such coats of arms there appears the effigy of Paul the Apostle and the inscription, in gothic characters, of “Sanctus Paul”. Judging from the placement of such blazons, construction works on the Gate and this part of the fortifications as a whole must have been brought to completion sometime around 1477, as part of a wider project towards reinstatement of the northern walls commissioned by Grand Master d’Aubusson.
The bastion protecting Gate of Paul the Apostle is an eloquent token of masterful construction technique and a point of reference for fortification works specialists: twelve cannon holes meant to cover a wide range between the two harbours and the mole of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicolas). A common feature amongst this Gate, the Agios Athanasios (St. Athanasius) Gate and the d’Amboise Gate was the drawbridge module, estimated to have operated through a system of beams and counter-weights, the presence of which is suggested by the vertical slots into the external wall, where the beams of the drawbridge module must have been affixed.

ριστικό αυτής της πύλης, της πύλης του Αγίου Αθανασίου και της D’ Amboise, είναι η ανυψούμενη γέφυρα με δοκούς και αντίβαρα, όπως καταδεικνύουν οι κατακόρυφες αυλακώσεις στον εξωτερικό τοίχο, όπου εφάρμοζαν οι δοκοί της γέφυρας.

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