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This Mosque is situated on Arionos square, within steps from the public baths (Yeni Hamam). The Mosque continuous to function, this actually being the site for the celebration of weddings amongst members of the island’s Muslim community. The name and the year of construction of the building are provided by the inscription featured above the main entrance, reading “Benefactor Sultan Mustafa the III, son of the Victorious Sultan Ahmed, son of the Victorious Mehmet, [anno] 1178” (1764 under the Christian calendar).
The complex consists in six distinct areas, typified by a very elaborate decoration. Next to the area of prayer (mihrab) there is the pulpit (minbar), across from the gynaeceum. Two of the four pillars that used to support the Mosque’s porch – now gone – may still be seen standing before it.

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Sultan Mustafa Mosque
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